Meditation and The Seven Spiritual Centers - (Chakras)

The Seven Spiritual Centers (Chakras) In the human body, there are seven spiritual centers, each connected to an endocrine gland. The significance of this is hard to fathom, but we will explain further. If a spiritual center is stimulated through meditation and is connected to a physical place in the body, and that physical place is connected to the nervous system, then every time the spiritual center is stimulated it creates a response that is physically circulated throughout the entire body. The following list of spiritual centers, or chakras, goes from bottom to top, the first word being the name of the chakra, the second being the endocrine gland it is associated with:

  1. Root - Gonads
  2. Navel - Leydig
  3. Solar Plexus - Adrenal
  4. Heart - Thymus
  5. Throat - Thyroid
  6. Crown - Pineal*
  7. Third Eye - Pituitary*

*Note that it is debated as to which chakra is the sixth and which is the seventh. In classical Hinduism and ancient mythology, the pathway of the Kundalini (the path upward through the chakras) went over the top of the head (crown) and flowed to the third eye. Today, the common belief is that the crown chakra is the seventh chakra, yet the flow still comes back down through the body.

For this meditation, called Kundalini meditation, you use the breath, with visualization and imagination, to raise energy from the root chakra, up the spinal cord, through all of the chakras, to the crown and over to the third eye-with every breath you take in.

As you raise this energy it is with the intention of uniting with God, the Great Spirit within. When exhaling, you feel a bathing of the body, a purification of raised energy cleansing the body. This practice, repeated over and over, can create a deep stillness. Many bodily sensations are reported to occur during these experiences, such as rocking back and forth or side to side, a slight circular movement, as if the head is balancing on the torso, rapid-eye movement, and others. It is recommended that when practicing this technique, you be "protected" by your ideal (God, Buddha, Allah, Krishna, etc.). As you travel into the depths of meditation, maintaining focus and discernment is necessary-the goal is connection with the ideal.

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