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My Prayer Experience Story
By Larry Dossey, M.D.,
author Prayer Is Good Medicine

"I had a patient when I was an intern. I've never forgotten this man-of middle age, a black man. The patient was dying of lung cancer. He refused treatment-which was just as well since at that time, more than thirty years ago, there was not much treatment available. Each day I would see his friends and family surrounding his bed.

I could see just the legs of the man's family and friends surrounding the man, underneath the curtain surrounding the bed - stomping, dancing and singing praises to the Lord.

The patient wanted to go home to die. I released him. About a year later a colleague at the same hospital told me my old patient was back with a bad case of the flu. I wondered how he was still alive-his lungs were completely filled with cancer when I released him-it was just a short time until death. My colleague showed the patients X-rays to me and we compared these to the old X-rays showing the man's lungs filled with cancer. The new X-rays showed his lungs completely clear of cancer.

About fifteen years later, prayer studies in medicine began. This person came immediately to mind, as I knew prayer was the only treatment he received. Not that I believe every person will be cured of lung cancer by prayer-but it shows part of the spectrum of prayer and the possibilities in the application of prayer."